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miss you :'(

hurmm..hai..today i'm missing somebody..i don't know why..argghhhh...this feeling makes me go insane !!! i hate this feeling...can you imagine how it feels when you miss somebody but you can't express your feeling to him/her?? it sounds crazy, right? but that's how i felt..how can i forget that person?? maybe my heart just don't want to forget..even though it's hurt me..but i still don't want to forget..am i dumb?? am i fool?? arghhhhh..i don't know how long i can hold this feeling..btw i love my life !! huhuhu (-_-)

mcm mne?? ak miss dye...hahaha..naaaahh !! bkn la..hahaha :D

i have a family who always there for me..mak !! she always loves me..always gives a lot of advices...abah ! fuuhhh...garang gler..but he always gives me what i need the most..huhuhu..ana !! my big sis...sntiasa ad tuk ak..share topup..hehehe...share stories..biasa la kn gosip2..hahaha..:D
iqah !!! ak slalu gigit dye...hahaha...geram..ina !! so much trouble..sometimes she makes me sick !! hurmm...tasha !! my lil sis..mcm makcik2...klu b'ckp..sbar je la..tahan je la tlinga tu..soft spoken but.........fuhhh !! kata2 dye tu TAJAM MCM PEDANG !! so..pndai2 la tahan tlinga..hahaha :)

today's quote : a strong woman is a woman who can smile this morning after she cried last night :)

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