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Bruno Mars (^_^)Y

yuhuuuuu!!! My sis asked me, "Atin, ko tak de pakwe ke?"(Atin, don't you have a boyfriend?). Then, do you know what my answer? I said that I don't have any and she smirk at me. What's that suppose to mean?? huh!! Do I care?? Not at all okay. Talked about boyfriend made me think about Bruno Mars. hahaha. He has voice that can make me melt!! Yup, melt like an ice cream in hot weather. Ohh my, I always dreaming to see Bruno Mars. Is it impossible?? Hurmm, I'm not so sure about it. I think I will scream and shout his name if I saw him. hahahaha. Insane, right? Here are some photos of Bruno Mars which I searched in the Internet. I LOVE BRUNO MARS!!! LOL :D

1. so cute :)

2. I'm melting (^_^)

3. Just the way you are :)

4. Love his charm??hehehe

5. No idea :)

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